About Me


Hi There I’m Chickennuggetman and welcome to The Adventures Of Chickennuggetman. Todays post is about me and what I like to do. First lets start with my family I have a dad who name is lee, a mom whos name is T (its a nickname). Then for my siblings I have two brothers and a sister my sisters name is Morgain and my brothers are Evan and Nolan. Now lets get to the part you’ve been waiting for what I like to do for fun. I generally like to skateboard, play games, listen to music and I like to hang out with friends. Also here soon I’m going to be starting up a Youtube channel after Christmas.

This will be it for my About Me Post, Hope you enjoyed!



I made this avatar like this because you may not notice, but this is a lot like me. There is a bandana with the Japanese flag because I really like Japanese food and candies. The hair being spiked and purple because I spike my hair frequently and I like to dye my hair every once in a while. The skateboard  is on here because I’m very big on skating and everyday no matter if its rainy or not I go skate right after I get off school. I chose the background because I like being outside when its dark and I like being outside with friends when its storming. These are the reasons my avatar looks like this.


The site where I made this avatar is called http://avachara.com/avatar/